Artistic Statement

There’s so many romantic ideas about weaving. Just as many about cooking.
The preparational dedication, the tradition, the ornamental, the psychological experience captured in a raw material. I work and I weave and I gaze at the gap between what we can touch, see and smell and how it might just surprisingly often have the capacity to derive nuances of the unconscious.

Textiles remember.

Maybe this is the same thing as romanticizing.

Carina Petersson (b. 1990 in Gothenburg, Sweden) currently living and working in her hometown.

Her art practice derives from a passionate relationship with the intuitive yet conceptual handicraft. She spends her time processing wool of all sorts, washing, carding, spinning and experiment with natural dyeing. The wool thread she mainly use for hand weaving in the loom.

Through tradition and psychological terms she often find herself investigating characteristics of necessity and genuine connection. Through textile and cloth she sees a natural union with the domestic, the place we call home and what it consists of. The constant relation to raw and unprocessed natural goods often leads to both her research and the practical work ending up in the kitchen. Thereby food, rituals and cooking act like material as well as theoretical matter in the practice. The belief that the way a material gets treated from the start will have unconditional effect on outcome and experience is fundamental in her work.

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2020 (Solo) My serenety is rippled but not ruffled, Projektrummet Nääs Konsthantverk, Floda

2019 (Group) Ung Textil, Almgrens Sidenväveri, Stockholm 

2019 (Group) Göteborg Craft Day, Konstepidemin, Göteborg

2019 (Group) Exam Exhibition HDK Craft BA&MA, Kajskjul 113, Gothenburg 

2019 (Group) 17 eyes on Bauhaus, RIAN Designmuseum, Falkenberg 

2018 (Group) Under verk, Hamnmagasinet, Varberg 

2018 (Group) Unboxing, Nääs Konsthantverk, Nääs

2017 (Group) Fragments & Ornaments, Textile Museum, Borås

2016 (Group) Textilepidemin, Konstepidemin, Gothenburg

2019 RAW, Summer Course, Illustration School, Porto 

2016-2019 BFA Textile Art, HDK - Academy of Design and Craft, Gothenburg

2013-2014 Knitting, HV-Skola, Stockholm

2012-2013 Textile Craft, Capellagården, Öland
2011-12 Foundation Year, Art, KV-Konstskola, Gothenburg

Artist in Residence
2020 (February) Icelandic Textile Center, Blönduós

2019 Adlerbertska Stipendier 

2019 Företagarna Hantverk 
2019 Helge Ax:son Johnsons Stiftelse